Getting the most out of your new Chrysler means keeping up with necessary maintenance. Ensuring that your vehicle has adequate clean transmission fluid is an important maintenance task, albeit one that you won’t have to perform often. Butler Chrysler dealers at Precision Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram offer the following tips for knowing when to change the transmission fluid in your vehicle:

·         Grinding Gears – If you hear your transmission grinding or making other unusual sounds, it’s a good idea to check the transmission fluid. Sludge, dirt, or grease in the transmission can cause these problems. When you check your fluid, it should be a bright red or pink color. If it’s brown or black, you need a transmission flush.

·         Difficulty Shifting Gears – A transmission contaminated with dirt or sludge will have trouble shifting gears.

·         Gear Slipping – A transmission with inadequate or contaminated transmission fluid will not have the appropriate pressure to help it stay in gear. This will cause the gears to slip.

·         Unexplained Surging – When transmission fluid becomes dirty, your vehicle may jump or surge as the gears are not getting enough clean fluid to operate properly.

·         Delays in Acceleration – Vehicles with contaminated transmission fluid will often stall for a few seconds after being put in gear.

Drivers experiencing these issues will want to speak to a mechanic about flushing their transmission fluid and replacing it with clean fluid.

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