When it comes to deciding whether to buy a new car or used car in Butler, New Jersey, there are a wide variety of factors to consider. Every American knows that the decision to buy a car is no random task, and whatever choice you make will affect your everyday life. Whether you are taking your car on a family road trip or travelling a few miles to your local grocery store, the car you drive will play a major role. 

There are several of the obvious considerations of course. Gas mileage, number of seats, safety, storage space, and overall efficiency are just a few of the factors that come into play. And its true: both new cars and used cars can satisfy these ideals and expectations. You might be wondering: Then why does it matter if I choose between a used car and a new car? 
While newer cars might look all neat and shiny, looking at used cars should always be your first step in your decision to buy a car, and the following are few of the important reasons why.

Save Your Money. 

This one seems the most obvious, so we’ll tackle this one first. Saving money should always be a part of your vocabulary. It has always been a smart concept to save money rather than spend needlessly, and this concept certainly extends to the decision of buying a vehicle. Now, there are some outlines to this concept of course. Its not always a good idea to be excessively frugal in terms of buying a car. If you pay less money for a cheaper quality car, the problems it can cause may end up costing you more in the long run. This concept is more about saving money that you shouldn’t spend if you don’t have to. For example, if you are choosing between a brand-new car and a lightly used car of the same model, but two or three years older, while they may have nearly the exact same function, the new car can cost up to $15,000 more dollars then the lightly used car. Same function, nearly the same bells and whistles, but a fifteen-thousand-dollar difference. Even a difference of five thousand dollars is huge, especially if the it’s only worth a few bells or whistles. 

Your new car would lose its “new” status as soon as you drive it

An additional reason a new car would cost so much more than a lightly used car is because a lot of the car’s value is found in it’s status of being “new.” The depreciation of new cars begins immediately when one is purchased and then driven home. Say that owner was to resell their car after a year of light usage, or even sooner than that. They would lose thousands of dollars, even if the car worked just as efficiently and was without a single scratch. The mere fact that the car had been owned and driven would lessen its monetary value, even though it was several thousand dollars more when it was purchased the year before. Why would you want to pay so much more for the status of “new,” when you can buy a car of equal quality for less money, all because of the “used” status?


Let’s face it: we can hardly call new cars “Reliable.” As much as they are advertised as such, there is no way of truly knowing if that specific car is reliable without a few months or even years of having that car driven and experienced by the average American driver. 

A car that we can call reliable, however, is a car model that has been on the streets and freeways for at least a couple of years. When safety and durability are key considerations at hand, there is loads of information on how reliable every car type is, because they have been driven by people for years. When you’re looking for used cars in Butler, New Jersey, you can be on the lookout for reliable cars based on your research. Additionally, you can search with the knowledge of what cars you are interested in that have been proven to be reliable from the experience of others who want the same thing you do: a safe, durable vehicle to encounter everyday life.

A wider variety of options: Less than 100 vs. several 1000s

While there are only a certain amount of new car models that come out every year, there are thousands of previously imagined and produced models, quite a few of which are available when you are looking for used cars in Butler. Why choose from a select few when there are thousands at your fingertips? Don’t feel forced into a corner by the small collection of new cars that each year produces! It’s all about finding the right car for you, and honestly, there is no guarantee that a new car model will be the perfect fit. You are probably more likely to find the right car for you among the wide variety of options available to you. Everyone should be entitled to their own tastes, and the versatility of options when looking at used cars in Butler is the best place to express yours.

More is known about your car, because it has been around. 

You can research easily what other owners of the same model car have felt about their ownership. While this does feed back into the point about reliability, you can expand the information to include those details mentioned earlier, including the bells and whistles. While knowledge can help you figure out the real-life safety rating of a used car, as well as it’s durability, the fact that the same model car has been experienced by others can be a huge help in deciding which car is exactly the right fit for you. For example, say you prioritize comfortable seats and a strong air conditioning system. You might research and find that one car does have strong air conditioning throughout every season, but the seats are too rigid for long lasting comfort. Another car has incredibly comfortable seats, but the AC unit started making weird noises around three years of use that even the mechanics can’t figure out how to silence. One more car study might show that not only does another car have incredibly comfortable seats as well as a strong and durable AC system, but the car has a Bluetooth connection option, as well as a few other bells and whistles you didn’t know were on your ideal list until you found the perfect car for you. 

Familiarity will be helpful (should you have to take your car into the shop for any reason)

Sometimes cars have bad days, new and used. Whether you were involved in an accident or you noticed a weird sound that you are not comfortable with coming from your car, that day will come when you bring your car into the shop and they give it a look over to see what exactly the problem is. Cars that have been out for several years are far more likely to be recognized in a shop, and if that car model has had similar issues that the mechanic has seen before, he will know what to do, and will try to have your car fixed in no time. With a new car, however, it isn’t as simple. If there is a random complication with the workings of a new car, the mechanic might not know how to address the issue, simply as it is not a situation that has presented itself to the mechanic before. 

In addition to taking your used car to the shop, if you find that you are needing to replace a part specific to that model of car, you will find that there are a lot more available as a result of the years the car has been experienced by the American people. Ideally, that would also mean the parts needed are less expensive, as they are for a slightly older model of car and enough spare parts were created to match the expected demand of that make of car. Now imagine what could go wrong if a new car needed to have a specific part replaced. Good luck! You’ll have to wait for them to locate one from other places in the country, and then wait a week for it to be shipped and delivered, etc.etc.

Going back to money. 

Think back to all that money you would save buying a used car, nearly the same quality of a brand-new car, but thousands of dollars less! Now think about all the different places you could drive the used car you purchased. You can travel all over the country, go out on a date, or just go for a nice drive to enjoy your used car in Butler, New Jersey. Wherever your adventuring spirit calls you to, you can go guilt free with the knowledge of all the money you saved by not buying a new car. Money is not everything, but it sometimes gives us opportunities we might not have expected to be presented in front of us if we hadn’t saved here and there, especially when it was such an easy decision to not spend needlessly.
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