Looking for Used Cars for Sale in Butler, NJ? Here's your research checklist!

The automotive world has always been a fast paced world, with a new version of old cars leading the changing trends for millennials. However, the process of buying cars is similarly that complicated. From dealing with aggressive salesmen who will only show you the exaggerated benefits of the cars, to doing your homework and to re-think your options; the process of purchasing cars involves a great deal of investment in regards to time and money.

Regardless, your goal is to save money or buy a budget-friendly car. Used cars are of great value when it comes to meeting that goal, especially since today’s cars last so much longer with great maintenance.

Why a used car?

Getting a lower price for a used model than buying it brand new is obviously the biggest benefit to shopping used cars for sale in Butler, NJ. But, the benefits don’t stop there: there are more reasons why you should opt for used cars.

·      Reducing Depreciation

It is said that new cars depreciate (lose its market value because of wear and tear) by 20% when they are driven and account up to 30% loss in total market value in the first year only. For instance, a car which you bought for $30,000 will initially lose its value by $9000 during the first year of purchase. Why not save these $9000 and buy a one-year-old used car instead? It is smart to own a car that is 1-2 years old and drive it till you can’t benefit from it anymore.

·      Minimizing Insurance Cost

Financial advisors often say a key factor in identifying car insurance cost is the market value of the car. Since a secondhand car has a lower market value than the newer version, the cost of insurance will also be relatively low. Additionally, the cost of insurance can be more budget-friendly because some other elements of insurance can be dropped too.

·      Lower to No Registration Cost

Similar to car insurance, government charges fees based on the transaction price of the car. To earn more revenue, many states charge high registration fees. However, if you buy a secondhand car, you will not be impacted by those increases.

·      Easy Research

Of course, like those pushy salesmen, a person selling you his or her used car can also misrepresent the car’s condition and sell you his/her problem (car), which you didn’t sign up for. However, the consumers of the 21st Century are able to reduce the risk and save money while avoiding these hidden problems. Nowadays, companies like Carfax and Auto Check provide vehicle history reports based on the automobile’s identification number/VIN. The companies provide organized information about the verification of the mileage and if the vehicle has ever claimed a total loss by insurance companies.

Moreover, if you as a buyer are still concerned about secondhand car’s faults which you haven’t been made aware of, you can opt to buy a certified pre-owned car. These certificates are claims that meet a car manufacturer’s conventional standards and give a guarantee in contrast to the defects, just like a new-car warranty.

Oh, but wait! Where’s your checklist?

It's important to note that all used cars are not equal. And the above-explained factors still require you to do your homework before buying a used car. Don’t worry, Precision Jeep has your back in that regard, too! Precision Jeeps is a trusted dealer of new and used cars in Butler, NJ. If you are looking for used cars for sale in Butler, NJ, here’s is your checklist, with some tips and tricks. These tips will come in handy while making a purchase of a used car.

1-    Do Your Research: Never buy a car, be it second-hand or new, without making a decision about what kind of car you want. Then research what are the resale prices or market value for the particular model of car. This kind of information will help you bargain and lower the costs.

2-    Pre-financing Options: Make sure you know the car loan rates which will help you attain relationship discounts with your dealership since the dealership rates comparatively are higher than loan rates charged by banks or credit unions. These quotes will help you leverage your deal with lower interest rates.

3-    Always Shop Around: If you are looking for a used car for sale in Butler, NJ and you’re not in a hurry, make sure that you shop around.  Visit at least one or two dealerships, speak to agents, and then walk out on them to know which is the lowest possible price they are ready to sell you the vehicle at. Feel free to venture outside your own neighbourhood too – whether you’re in Bergen County of Morris County – we’d love you to come check out our selection at Precision Jeep!

4-    Play Your Cards and Negotiate: Investing in a car is almost as huge as buying a new house since the car will pay off your investments for the next four to six years. Therefore, try to work with the salesman. Start with the lowest number when bargaining, and claim those digits with confidence. If you don’t feel the offer is pocket-friendly to you, walk out of it with confidence. If the dealership offers a deal which includes a monthly payment of some specific amount based on a 60-month loan, negotiate the same amount but with a 48-month loan.  

5-    Purchase Price or Monthly Payments? Ensure that you are aware of the ‘full’ price of the car you’re going for. Dealers might indirectly mention the extra hidden cost factors which you would not notice, this price is then accumulated with a total of taxes, delivery charges and commission costs that will be kept hidden until you don’t ask the dealer.

6-    Go for a Test Drive: Statistics show that 90% of the people test drive their car before they decide to buy it. While testing the car there should be 5 most important things you need to check the car for; (i) comfortable seating, (ii) the smoothness of the car, (iii) make sure the rear-view mirrors and all the other mirror’s view is acceptable and you can easily view the straight line of the dashboard, (iv) try to use every key in the car, the windshield wipers, the turn signals, flip on the air. Ensure that everything is easy to use and switches or buttons are not too hard, and (v) lastly accelerator and brakes are the most significant factors to notice.

7-    Don’t get impressed by the Add-ons: while purchasing a car, the sales person may try to attract you with car’s accessories which will catch your eye and make you fall in love with them. Trust me, you may not need those heated seats or portable GPS navigation from them. They are much cheaper if you buy them online than having them to have those expensive built-in systems. Therefore; make sure you keep your stand instead of getting fascinated by amenities you never planned on buying, which will just increase your cost and make you regret later on.

8-    When purchasing a used car, get it checked from your mechanic: make sure the second-hand vehicle is not an add-on problem to your life. Let your mechanic inspect the car and tell you something unusual about the car which might increase your long-term costs. Take his advice and think critically upon it.


But where to find second-hand cars?

These days it is easier to google your options and make a purchase online. This helps you avoid the hassle of having to deal with pushy salesmen. Also, you can easily compare prices and end up with a much better price. Moreover, buying second-hand cars online is more convenient than wasting time at so many dealership stores. Precision Jeep is a great place to look for a used car for sale in Butler, NJ.


You can also search for cars on sale at our user-friendly website with all updated information you need about the vehicle, as well as stores in Kinnelon, Bloomingdale and Butler, NJ. They cater to your needs and make sure your shopping experience is as friendly and hassle-free as possible. They will look after understanding your budget and their finance centre will help you be aware of the above-explained costs. You can also benefit from their services of trade-in vehicles and sell your car to them at a good negotiable price. The residents of Butler, NJ seeking used cars for sale can conveniently carry out their vehicle research, book an appointment with our sales team and get all the appropriate information and assistance they need to make a purchase of second-hand cars. The below pictures illustrated show some the deals being offered to the people living in Kinnelon, Bloomingdale and Butler, New Jersey.


In short, purchasing used cars is a huge investment which needs to be researched upon carefully and investigate every aspect of it; instead of just impulsively buying it. Get educated about the car types and their engines. Understand your requirement according to it and start ticking off the stages from the checklist one by one. Don’t forget to negotiate, the dealerships always tell a higher price since they expect you to negotiate. By incorporating these tips in your purchase decision, you’ll get a good price on your next purchased of used vehicles. Good luck!


*At the time of article publication. Not all online offers can be honored in person without printed offers.