After a nearly endless search for the car that matches your adventurous spirit, you have finally bought a Jeep in Morris County. From the wide variety available, you found a car that could fit and you and others comfortably, and that also matched your potential for going out and exploring the world. So, now what? Where is your first adventure going to take you?

While the location is definitely up to you, here’s a suggestion: why not camp out of your new Morris County Jeep? You might find that it is a more cost-efficient and convenient way to experience nature, as well as a way to go out into the wild with less stress and hassle.

Overall, camping out of your car is simpler. You don’t have to spend hours setting up and tearing down your tent. Cleaning and packing up will take less than an hour. Everything will be in one convenient space, and locking down your items while you are out and about will be much more efficient. When you can camp without too much set up and tear down and continuous maintenance in between, you might find that your camping experience is far more enjoyable then choosing to camp in a tent.

Ideally, this is a good idea for just a one or two person camping group, with possibly three people, if the third is a small child. Also, the size of your car may influence this factor as well. If your car is larger, more SUV sized and less squished, then this guide to how you can camp out of your car will work out just fine.

1. How to pack clothes

When you go on a camping trip, it is always a rule of thumb to never pack more than that which you will need, and the same rule very much applies here. When you are camping out of your car, space can be slightly limited. If you bring 3 suitcases for a three-day trip, then perhaps this guide is not for you.

When it comes to packing clothes, it is good to choose clothing that is durable, and to choose materials that are appropriate for camping. Camping tends to get dirty, and packing clothes that can withstand a little wear and tear will be a big help to you in the long run.

It also a good idea to pack clothing that is multi-usage. T-shirts that can double function as pajama shirts, that kind of thing. Less is more when it comes to camping, especially in terms of supplies like clothing. When you pack, make sure that you pack efficiently and in an organized way. This is especially important when you are packing to camp in your car. Throwing clothes in a duffle back means emptying the whole thing to find a t-shirt later because you didn’t take the time to put it in a specific place. When you pack neatly, the time it takes to find what you are looking for is significantly short.

1. Sleeping Arrangements

In your Morris County Jeep, there is a very likely chance that the back seats of your car collapse. This is ideal, as the sleeping arrangements of camping out of your car revolve around the main idea that you can have room to sleep in your car. If your specific vehicle does have collapsible seats, then you are golden.

First, you should pack one or two sleeping bags, depending on the number of car-campers. After the seats are collapsed, these can be laid down to cover the span of the trunk area over the back-seating area. If you require slightly more cushion, then there are foam bed options that provide a significant amount of support for your sleeping area. There are specifically ones that can be rolled up to fit into tight spaces, so using this for camping lightly might be a great investment for your adventurous spirit.

When it comes to sleeping at night, you can use spare blankets or towels to cover the windows if you are seeking a more enclosed feeling. This might also prove to provide more insulation on a cold night.

This is more specific to owners of a Jeep truck, but there are also options regarding utilizing the truck bed for your sleeping needs. There are tents that you can use that are made specifically to attach to the bed of your truck, which can be useful considering if you have a Jeep truck, it will prove to be a bit difficult to sleep in the back seat. A truck bed also allows the space for a blow-up mattress, so if you want more cushion than what is provided by a foam pad, this is an extra consideration for your vehicle and your car-camping experience.

2. What about food?

First and foremost, you should always pack water, as it is what keeps all human beings going. Keep just enough, if not a little more, because camping exerts more energy than you are perhaps used to exerting regularly. You might also want to consider packing drink mixes or powders that you can add to your water. This way, you don’t have to use the space that it takes to pack up a wide variety of drinks.

When it comes to food, you should never pack food that requires extensive preparation. This extends to freeze dried foods, shelf stable foods, and other non-perishable items. This way, you only need a very small ice chest, or perhaps no ice-chest at all. Keeping your food snacky can also help give you regular energy throughout your trip. You should also bring foods that are easily disposable after consumption, such as fruits and veggies.

If fire pits are provided, you might want to consider bringing a minimal set of small pans and skewers. This way, if you need a hot, freshly cooked meal, you are able to prepare what you need over fire.

When you are packing dishes, it might be more convenient to pack plasticware and paper plates, but you also might want to bring dishes that you don’t mind going through the wear and tear of camping. Reusable dishes might take time to wash and clean, which is only really a problem if you do not have access to running water. If you do bring your own reusable dishes, make sure you do also bring the minimal amount and size of required tools that clean them, such as dish soap, a sponge, and towels to dry.

3. Other Necessities and Camping Givens

There a few last items that you will want to consider bringing along on your car-camping trip that will add to the overall quality of your camping experience.

The first of these is lanterns. Bring electric lanterns to provide light for when the sun is taking a break. Bring extra batteries as well, just in case the batteries in your electric lanterns die while you are using them. If you must bring gas lanterns, bring extra fuel. Butane gas would be preferable.

Next is items like bug spray, or bug-zappers. Those things can be suckers whether you are in a tent or in a car, so it is a good idea to have extra protection whenever you are in a camping environment.

You might also consider bring chairs, to set at either a table or around the campfire. Chairs that fold up are ideal as they will fit in your Morris County Jeep better. You might also want to bring a small folding table, with just enough room for your small camp set up.

When it comes to entertainment and camping, you do have a wide variety of options. When you camp out of your car, you might find it best to pick from the entertainment outlets that you like the most, as you don’t have the room to pack all the entertainment that you own. These things are better if they are small such as a deck of cards for a card game. You might also consider bringing a board game or two for you and your camping buddy, just to pass time in between explorations.

You can also choose from a variety of music options. You might opt to bring a guitar, ukulele, or some other form of instrumental for a music collaboration with nature. If live music is not your strong suit, then you might also consider bringing a battery-powered radio (again, with extra batteries), along with your favorite CDs. You can also bring an aux cord and a speaker, if you have the option to stream music from your phone.

Lastly, you might want to bring outside games that you can set up at your campsite. One of the more popular choices would be to bring a game of horseshoes. People might also find that they like similar games, such as playing Cornhole.

There is, of course, variations of most of the things listed that you might find more suitable or appropriate for when you are camping out of your car, but, hopefully, this gave you the inspiration as well as a general idea for why and how you should camp out of your Morris County Jeep on the next trip camping trip you

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