Every single date can be an adventure that has the opportunity to be fun and memorable. There are so many options beyond just a nice dinner or sitting in a movie theater, but for some reason, these things tend to be the norm. This makes sense, as we all know that going out on dates can be expensive, and the desire to be an impressive companion can add a lot of stress to the mood. However, these aren’t always the best settings to get to know and spend time with people, especially when you spend a lot of that time chewing your food or having to stay politely quiet for the rest of the moviegoers instead of talking together and focusing on the person by your side.

It's always fun to come up with new and innovative date ideas that aren't too costly, and that give each other the opportunity to get to know the other person in a relaxing and enjoyable environment. One of the greatest settings to get to know a person is from your car! You never even have to leave your Jeep in Morris County to have quality time to get to know and develop a greater relationship with your date. 

The following is a list of a few different ideas that you might want to consider when planning your next dating adventure. Of course, feel free to put your own twist on them, as well as combine a few ideas. This will make each date unique and memorable, and these ideas might even convince you to take your Jeep in Morris County on every date you plan.

1.     A Drive-In Movie

This is an ideal twist on the classic option of going out to a movie on a date, but it is so much better. There is a completely different environment at a drive-in movie then there is when you are sitting at a movie theater, and this environment change provides you with a much better opportunity to spend to time and to enjoy the company of your date.

Price-wise, drive-in movie theaters tend to be about the same price, if not slightly less, than going to see a movie at a regular theater, because you don't have to pay for the cleaning and environment maintenance like you would at a regular movie theater. You also have the option to bring your own snacks and drinks without having to pay a fortune for whatever is available at the concession stand. Many movie theaters don't even allow you to bring your own food and beverages into the theaters, specifically so that you are forced to pay for their highly priced snacks. At a drive-in theater, this is never an issue.

There are a few things you should prepare for before you go on a drive-in date. The first thing is providing your own comfortable ambiance. You have 3 options regarding how you are positioned to watch the movie in your Jeep Morris County. First, you and your date can sit in the car with the front end facing the movie screen, and just watch the movie through the front window. Second, you also have the option to have the back end of your car face the screen and set up a seating area in your trunk or tailgate space to watch the movie. Lastly, if you have a foam pad or cushion, you can set it on top of your car and watch the movie from there. For all of these, you should consider comfort and the weather. If you know it is going to be a cold night, bring extra sweaters and blankets to keep you warm throughout the movie. It is also a good idea to bring extra pillows for cushion and support to make the movie-watching an even more enjoyable experience.

Lastly, take advantage of this opportunity to spend time with your date instead of completely focusing on the action of the movie. Because of the privacy of the space, you have the opportunity to talk about the movie and add commentary, as long as your date doesn’t mind discussing the movie as well.

There are many drive-in movies throughout the states, and if you look up "Drive-In Movie," it shouldn't be too difficult to find one near you. However, if you feel like the nearest one is just too far, but you like the idea of a car movie date, you can always set one up simply using your laptop and providing snacks and blankets, just as you would at a drive-in. Bonus, if you live near a place with any scenic views, you can set up a movie date at one of these places.

2.     A Car Picnic

Having a picnic date in your Jeep from Morris County can be so much better than going out to dine at some fancy restaurant. The private atmosphere provides you with a better opportunity to get to know your date, and you have the option to make something even more memorable as it is a unique experience for just your date and you.

This option also saves you cost-wise, as you don't have to pay for food or tips or parking at a restaurant. This also gives you a chance to show off any skills you might have in the lunch-making department, as well as your ability to be thoughtful about the other person's likes and interests.

There are a few things to think about before you take your date out on a car picnic. The first of these things is food. While you can always grab fast food from somewhere, this date is more unique and thoughtful if you make the effort to make the meal yourself. It does not have to be a fancy five-course meal, and something as simple as salads or sandwiches are perfect for this date. Bringing cool drinks in a small ice chest or cooler also adds to the ambiance, and this might also help to keep your food fresh until you can set up and eat it. A good tip would be to have somewhat of an idea of your date’s food interests. It would be helpful to know what kind of sandwich they like, but if you don’t know you could always bring a few sandwich options and let them choose.

You might also consider choosing to set up the trunk or tailgate area of your car with a few blankets and pillows. Of course, you can always enjoy your meal from the front seat, but sitting in the back of your car might provide a more intimate and relaxed setting. This is an especially good idea if you choose to take your date somewhere where there aren’t picnic benches or another ideal place to sit and enjoy your food.

Another thing to consider is location. Just parking in your driveway and eating a picnic doesn't really make sense. You might choose to take your Jeep from Morris County to a park, but the best place for a car picnic would be one with a scenic overlook or some more private and special area. Taking your date to the beach or to a lake or up in the mountains is a way to make your picnic unique. This way, you can enjoy a meal together with a view that the average restaurant cannot provide.

A twist you can add to this is taking your date on a scenic drive. Choose a favorite area or a place known to be naturally beautiful, and enjoy a ride with a phenomenal view. This will give you so much to talk about as you enjoy your picnic, and you might even play music as you enjoy nature’s ambiance around you. Then, pick a spot that you find enjoyable and spend the rest of your time eating and enjoying each other’s company.

3.     Stargazing

Choosing to stargaze with your date from the view of your Jeep Morris County is a date that is incomparable. There is hardly anything artificial that can match the beauty of the stars, and by setting up a stargazing date, you will find yourself in a very romantic and awe-inspiring atmosphere.

There is nearly no cost to this date, outside of whatever you might choose to include. However, there is quite a bit to consider, as stargazing from just anywhere might not be the best idea.

First, research the best places for stargazing near you. This will tend to be some distance away from any major cities, as light pollution can block your view of the stars. A few good places would probably include more rural areas. You might also want to consider a place that has a more quality atmosphere during the nighttime. For example, while the beach may be beautiful, it tends to get windier and colder at night in the more coastal areas, so unless you are sufficiently prepared for cold weather, this might not be the best idea.

Next, you should also think about how to set up the view from your car. The most comfortable set up is by placing a foam pad or blanket on the roof of your car and carefully sitting or laying on top. If you have a car with a tailgate, you can also set up a viewing area in that part of the car.

You might also consider bringing a few comfort options, like food, blankets, and pillows, or even quiet music to play as you view the night sky.

This date literally provides you with all the space you need, and you might find yourself able to open up and connect with your date better than any other typical date setting.

A bonus tip would be to plan your date according to the next meteor shower, as watching out for falling stars always adds that extra bit of awe and wonder.


Hopefully, this brief list has been helpful to you as you seek adventurous dates with your companion! Again, feel free to add any twist you like. Remember, it is a good idea to keep your car clean and to be considerate of the person you want to spend your time with.

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