Jeep has launched a car-sharing program, started its beta testing in Boston. The market and users are in awe waiting for results, reviews and eager to see if Jeep expands its project to other cities. Our question is, will Precision Auto at Butler, NJ will eventually be included in the program?


Eco-friendly practices are spreading through many industries, and automotive is not the exception. According to the Economist, car sharing can reduce vehicle ownership at an estimated rate of one rental car replacing fifteen owned. Environmentalists praise car sharing as a brilliant idea for sustainable transportation; this relies on the premise that when we owe a vehicle, our costs are fixed (monthly payments, insurance, just to mention the most obvious.) instead, with car sharing, the money we spend is aligned proportionally with how much we use it. This means we are more conscious of the trips we make, and the routes we utilize. It becomes easier for the users to see the immediate benefits: “If I use it twice, I will spend twice and vice-versa”.


 However, the advantages and the motives for initiating these programs go beyond stopping Mother Nature’s detriment.  Some reviewers claim these programs will also incite younger generations who are not only living in a more expensive world but are also drawn into renting or co-owing than buying. Millennials have been proven to be the generation reluctant to tie to long-term credit lines and commit to ownership of vehicles and houses.


So, how exactly does car sharing work? Who pays for gas? How does the insurance work? Users commonly ask these questions; the best thing is to have them answered and explain by an expert, for instance, if you are located near Butler, anyone at Precision Auto would be happy to tell the details. Even so, here’s a brief description:


The main thing to know is that car sharing is a form of rental. What makes it distinctive then? Users only pay for the actual usage (the bill is based on the distance traveled), the rental can be for as little as a couple of hours and cars can be accessed at any time –not only business hours-. So one would go to a car sharing service place, instead of the traditional car rental spots such as Herts or Avis.


The process is rather simple: users locate sharing operations near them (you need to run a Google search or check out Wikipedia’s list); rural areas have fewer options than large cities. Once located, users request joining and see if they comply with basic requirements such as a valid driver’s license. The next step is to find where cars are parked and reserve one by phone or email. Regarding insurance and gas, both are covered by the membership fee; the only thing extra to pay would be the additional mileage. The process is straightforward, and the idea alluring.


Fiat Chrysler joins the tendency by launching its car-sharing and subscription services pilot program in Boston for the Jeep. The program includes a trio of options and is expected to boost sales of the already beloved Jeep.


 The pilot program consists of a car-sharing platform, named “Peer-to-Peer” that will allow 100 car owners to rent out their Jeeps through Turo (an owner-to-renter service). These users will have their monthly payment offset by doing it so.

All of these 100 owners –which applied directly to participate- will have many additional benefits such as 24/7 support, discounts on merchandise and free oil changes. Turo will provide their insights to let owners know how much they can rent their cars for when they are not using them.


 Turo declares its most requested vehicle for sharing is the Jeep Wrangler. Turo CEO Andre Haddad said “the Jeep Freedom Experience” program was initiated to help Jeep lovers get acquainted with new mobility options.; he claimed the partnership felt natural since guests on Turo have proven their devotion and loyalty to Jeep models. Turo recently conducted a study to rank vehicles according to their potential return by sharing them on the platform. It was not a surprise for them to see the Cherokee and the Wrangler ranking at the very top. Haddad said: “Not only Jeep users get benefits like the offsetting of their car ownership completely; the potential profits open up the possibility to get a more upscale automobile or options that otherwise would be considered unreachable to them.”


The second part of the pilot program is a three-month subscription in which owners can interchange their Jeeps with other cars; Avis Budget Group partners this.


According to Jeep’s brand manager Tim Kuniskis, these options will increase prospective customers. They consider the feedback they’re upon to receive, and they will base their decision on continuing the program, among other factors, upon it. The customers’ reviews will also help Jeep determine if the programs can and should be offered at the dealerships at the point of sale. Depending on the success and results obtain, Precision Auto in Butler, NJ might just have to consider joining the program!


There is a third phase, also in association with Avis, still, be to be launched named “Car Borrowing.” This program allows Jeep users to buy six “Jeep Coins”; each of them can be swapped for a one-day rental of most Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and Ram vehicles. The coins will be good for a year, and participants will be able to pick up the cars or have them delivered.


The pilot programs will run in Boston for three months. Allegedly, Fiat Chrysler Automobile is not looking for a permanent partner, and if they decide to expand the project, they will do it so through its dealers. That means if the program reaches New Jersey, Precision Auto could be a potential car-sharing spot.


While mainstream automakers have stayed away from subscription programs; upscale brands attempted to introduce the concept with substantial fees and other maintenance costs with mixed success. Again, automakers are trying to lure younger generations currently inclined to use platforms such as Lyft and Airbnb. The biggest obstacles they have faced so far are delivery and pricing; the participation of Avis comes in handy to supply the models and to spare local dealers the depreciation involved in holding the cars. Tim Kuniskis, however, is confident this trial run will provide the necessary feedbacks to create the winning formula.


Another underestimated benefit of the program, for users, is the reduction of daily commuting times. A study made by Berkely Institute of Transportation Studies concluded that one shared car “eliminates” the presence of 11 owned automobiles in the streets. This traduces into an impressive reduction in traffic. The average American spends 26 minutes per trip while going to work; that’s roughly 4.3 hours per week, which does not sound that alarming but this considers only trips to work (does not account for leisure trips, groceries, and running errands ). The other factor is that it includes states with low levels of traffic such as the Dakotas, with as little as 16 minutes a day. Large cities will continue to grow in population, and the infrastructure cannot keep their pace. Car-sharing comes as not an overly dramatic solution for a problem that affects us all.


Whether users will save money or not by car-sharing will depend significantly in their usage. Zipcar has a useful online tool to help estimate how much money can be saved by car sharing. Nonetheless, a recent study by RethinkX calculated that the average American household could potentially save up over $5,600 per year by depending on alternative transportation options such as car sharing.


If the idea of saving-up good cash, help reducing traffic jams and diminish your footprint on Earth sounds appealing to you, then you should check out some of the used cars listed at Precision Auto. You would want to be the first one to sign on for the program when it hits the dealers in Butler, New Jersey.


Options range for as little as $9,911 for a beautiful 2011 Jeep Compase Base SUV in bright silver metallic with a 70,315 mileage use. If you want to see for yourself why Turo lists the Cherokee as its star, you must call for a driving test on the 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 4x4 Overland SUV in Black, available today at Precision Auto for less than $19,000. Payments on this beloved model can go as small as only $265 per month. If seeking for a newer vehicle, luxury, and style at a reachable price, we would recommend checking out the 2016 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4x4 Sport SUV in Black they have in stock for $23,116.


Car sharing comes as a modern, stylish, not to mention, an incredibly convenient mean of transportation. No doubt will work better in densely populated areas such as cities, and for users who commute daily.  The future of car sharing is a bright one. So be sure not to miss out when the program hits auto dealers in Butler, NJ. Check out Precision Auto news for more info and to be the first one to experience this fantastic initiative in town.


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