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Since its entry into the sport utility vehicle market in 1998, Dodge Durango has garnered a reputation as an iconic muscle car. It debuted with an iconic design with an optional forward-facing third-row seat. Up to seven occupants could fit into it. The 1998 model was a competitor to the popular Toyota 4Runner and Ford Explorer at its inception in the auto market. Aside from the Dodge Durango, other Dodge cars like the Charger and Challenger have become a staple of American culture.

Are you seeking a car that combines performance with style? Auto dealer Precision Jeep offers various models of Dodge in Butler. Whether you’re looking to buy a reliable sedan, an SUV, or a family-friendly minivan, Dodge has a variety of vehicles to fit the needs of all kinds of auto buyers.

A Brief History of Dodge

Founded in the 1900s by two Dodge brothers, Dodge is an American automaker with headquarters in Michigan. Though the company started as a supplier of chassis components and engine parts for other car manufacturers such as the Ford Motor Company and the Olds Motor Vehicle Company, they are mostly known for their affordable vehicles and high-performance automobiles.

Between 1910 and 1980, the automaker was popularly known as the Dodge Main and was located in Detroit, and later, Hamtramck, Michigan.

In 2000, Dodge introduced the all-wheel-drive R/T model into the auto market.

The company has been through many owners, including Dillion, Reed&Co., and Chrysler and is currently owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) US LLC.

Modern automobiles from Dodge include Sporty, Challenger, Grand Caravan and Charger, Journey, and the Durango. These vehicles offer such cutting-edge features as best-in-class horsepower, class-exclusive technology, and top-notch performance that has earned them a cult-like followership.

Dodge Offers:

{C}·       {C}Innovation and top-notch engineering to deliver cars that are fast and smart

{C}·       {C}Modern performance cars that thrill drivers

{C}·       {C}A complete lineup of performance vehicles that stand out in their segments

{C}·       {C}A wide range of engine options

With more than 100 years of experience in the auto industry, Dodge has combined its expertise in technological advancements, design evolution, incredible horsepower, efficiency, and styling in its Durango range.

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Why People Love the Durango Dodge

All vehicles in Dodge’s lineup differ. However, they all have something in common: buyers can count on incredible power!

Known for its powerful engines, the brand has established itself as an authority in creating powerful, functional machines that can deliver serious power. From the HEMI V8 to the Pentastar V6, Dodge produces vehicles that allow drivers to enjoy stimulating thrills from their cars.

“…Dodge is no stranger to high horsepower and blistering speed. Over its 100-year history, Dodge has put out some of the most memorable performance cars ever seen….” -Brian Leon, Newyork Daily News

Rest assured: Dodge knows their stuff when it comes to engines!

Moreover, buyers have many options when it comes to engine power. There are incredible engine options powering the array of Dodge models. It’s therefore no surprise that the brand is has become an authority in the auto world.  Experience the power of engines with remarkable capabilities by getting behind the wheel of a Dodge. In Butler, or at your local dealership, you can explore a wide range of Dodge models. Whether it is due to their high performance, unbelievable efficiency, or extraordinary power, Dodge engines are known to deliver.

Moreover, shoppers have a complete lineup of performance vehicles with the availability of various trim levels allowin buyers to get the functions they prioritize most in a car and turn everyday vehicles into personal statements.

The burly, seven-passenger SUV is placed on the same pedestal with Dodge’s top muscle cars: the Charger and the Challenger.

“Dodge likes to think of the Durango as a three-row Charger, and the brand has given the aging SUV a new lease on life in recent years by touting its performance cred alongside the freewheeling cars. Dodge says it began marketing the Durango next to its muscle cars in 2015. In 2015, the 360-hp R/T was the Durango's speediest model, but Dodge has since added more punch with a 475-hp SRT trim.” Vince Bond JR., Automotive News

It’s not surprising, therefore, that Durango sales continue to grow despite the stiff competition from other three-row manufacturers. The ‘muscle-car hybrid’ is currently the third-best seller in the large SUV segment.

Like the Challenger and Charger, the Durango features an RWD layout and V-8 power. It also shares the same engines and eight-speed transmission with the two muscle cars.

From the pricier SRT trim with a supercharged 6.3-liter V-8 Hellcat engine to the lower end Durango SXT and GT models, buyers have the option of various trim levels according to their needs.

Breakdown of the Dodge Durango Generations:

Dodge’s mid-sized sports utility vehicle (SUV), the Durango Dodge, has undergone several changes since its release for public sale in 1998. This replacement for the Dodge Ram Charger has evolved as customers’ needs have also changed.

The Dodge Durango has changed dramatically over three generations--from a rugged mid-size SUV to a sleek and modern full-sized SUV.

{C}·       {C}First Generation: 1998-2003

Produced at Newark Assembly plant in Delaware, these midsized SUVs feature innovative, sturdy components with body-on-frame construction—the same as the Dakota, Dodge’s popular midsized pickup. The engine powered by 5.2-liter Magnum V-8 powerplant. The company also presented a 5.9-liter as an option.  In 1999, Dodge released the upgraded version, the R/T particular version was released, featuring performance modifications, such as 5.0 liter and a V8 engine. The interior was also improved in 2001 to reflect an everyday vehicle with the addition of premium audio systems and dual-zone climate control.

{C}·       {C}Second Generation: 2004-2009

Introduced in 2004, the second generation of the Dodge Durango offered third-row seating and an improved suspension, with rear coil springs to deliver a more comfortable ride. It was also two inches wider, three inches taller and seven inches longer than the first-generation Durango. The new version also featured a larger interior space for additional passenger and cargo room. It was powered by a 210 horsepower, 3.7-literPowertech V-6 engine. The company also improved the convenience features with the addition of satellite radio, U-Connect hands-free communication with Bluetooth, and automatic temperature control air conditioning.

Dodge gave the second-generation Durango an attractive exterior design in 2007, adding a new grille and headlamps—a design similar to that of the Dodge Ram Truck. The automaker introduced a two-mode hybrid version in 2009, using a two-mode transmission.

Third Generation: 2010-Date

Dodge initially announced the discontinuation of the Durango after the 2009 model year. However, in August 2016, a teaser of the third-generation Dodge Durango was released. It went on sale in mid-January 2011. The production was based on an all new computer designed unitized platform.

The third-generation Durango features three seat rows and an option to choose from a pair of world-class engines—the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 or the 5.7-liter HEMI V8 with 360 horsepower.

A Look at Dodge Durango 2019

Are you a fan of practical SUVs? The Dodge Durango provides decent features in all its trim levels.  It offers both two—and three-row designs. You get more room in the car and more cargo space than any other three-row SUVs.

The model also features powerful Hemi V8 engine options for maximum performance. Under the hood, you’ll find a six-cylinder engine with more than 270 horsepower. The load levelling rear suspension maintains a comfortable ride. Each component on the surface is perfected.  Alloy wheels seat inside the fenders, yielding an attractive rear proportion stance. A rear spoiler provides powerful sporty flare. The inside has been designed to ensure your safety and security. Other top features include:

{C}·       {C}Power windows

{C}·       {C}One-touch window functionality

{C}·       {C}Front and rear reading lights

{C}·       {C}Adjustable headrests in all sitting positions

{C}·       {C}Speed sensitive wiper

{C}·       {C}An automatic dimming rear-view mirror

{C}·       {C}An FM Radio

{C}·       {C}Steering wheel mounted audio controls

{C}·       {C}Six speakers—providing excellent sound throughout the cabin

{C}·       {C}Break Assist Technology provides extra pressure when applying the brakes

What’s New in the Durango Dodge 2019?

The range comes in several trims with several revisions. If you go for the GT trim, you get a tweaked front end and a new design of a 20-inch alloy. The trailer tow package offers an integrated trailer brake. The top-three trims feature an 825-watt/19 speaker Harman Kardon audio system, while the Citadel model has 2nd-row captain’s chair.

Shop Dodge in Butler today if you desire a full-size SUV capability in a mid-size package.

Check out this 2019 Dodge Durango Citadel AWD on Precision Jeep.  Highlighted features include:

{C}·       {C}Navigation System

{C}·       {C}Lane Departure

{C}·       {C}Leather Upholstery

{C}·       {C}Emergency Communication System

{C}·       {C}Distance pacing cruise control

{C}·       {C}Automatic temperature control

{C}·       {C}Emergency communication system

You can also explore this 2019 Dodge Durango SRT  for maximum performance. It features:

{C}·       {C}Navigation system

{C}·       {C} Blind spot sensor

{C}·       {C}Leather upholstery

{C}·       {C}Automatic temperature control

{C}·       {C}Emergency communication system

{C}·       {C}Power moonroof

{C}·       {C}Wireless phone connectivity

{C}·       {C}Parking sensors


FCA has positioned Dodge as an American performance brand, and the Durango Dodge is no exception to this lineup of quality SUVs.  With the brand’s partnership with Street and Racing Technology (SRT) in 2014, Dodge is improving the performance of its utility vehicles. This includes the new 2019 Durango Dodge which offers a powerful engine lineup, lots of cargo space, high towing capacity, and an intuitive infotainment system.

Explore our range of Dodge in Butler. Precision Jeep offers a variety of Durango Dodge trims, for any car of your dreams.




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