Your Car Servicing Checklist from the Service Center at Precision Jeep in Morris County

If you own a Jeep, you already know what a fun, rugged, and well made vehicle you’re driving. And if you’re like most Jeep owners, you probably have a pretty big and healthy love for your wonderful car. With that in mind, it’s super important to show your sweet ride just how much you appreciate it by being sure to keep it serviced. Getting your car regularly serviced is the best way to keep it healthy and happy—and if you love your car as much as we know you do, you definitely want to prolong its life. If you think you might be due for a tune-up, make an appointment at the service center at Precision Jeep in Morris County today!

We want to help you keep your car in prime condition so you can get the most out of it—whether you want to drive it for a lifetime or retain the value to resell in the future.

Why Service My Jeep?

Getting your car serviced, also known as a tune-up, is the regular upkeep and maintenance of your vehicle and an important part of a relationship with your car. If you want to have a vehicle that runs smoothly and is safe, you must get it serviced.

Every time you use your car—and even if it just sits in the driveway!—it get s little bit worn down. Wear and tear, as car dealerships like to call it, is a perfectly normal—and unavoidable—part of car ownership. The harder you drive your car, the more quickly it will get worn down. And just as you know you have to get gas whenever you see the meter getting low, you also have to continually update and renew other parts of your car.

Regular servicing is important for 4 primary reasons:

·       Servicing improves performance:

Keeping your car well greased and in mint condition obviously leads to overall improved performance. If you love to drive in New Jersey, make it the best driving experience possible by keeping your Jeep in Morris County tuned up!

·       Save money in the long run:

A failure to get your car regularly serviced can lead to corrosion and wear that over time will lead to serious damage and major repairs—which is often more expensive and inconvenient than paying for the regular upkeep of your vehicle. 


And that’s not to mention that servicing improves the resale value. When you sell a car, not only does a buyer want a car that looks and feels good—they’ll probably want to see the servicing record to know that it’s been taken care of properly! An extra tip: always hold on to your servicing records for future reference.


·       Servicing prolongs the life of your car:

Problems with a car can create a domino effect. If you neglect to change the oil, for example, it can lead to corrosion of the engine which will ultimately lead to wide spread damage throughout your car. The more damage, the shorter lifespan of a vehicle. Keep it serviced, keep it healthy, give it a long life!


·       Servicing makes your car safe to drive—both for you and for others on the road:

 Part of a servicing includes inspection of various systems, connections and mechanisms of the car. Your mechanic will check if any of these are worn out and in need of replacement.  Not only does replacement save you money in the long run (since it can prevent further damage to your vehicle), but it can also prevent potential accidents. Safety should always be primary when driving a car and regular servicing ensures you’re taking the proper precautions to be a responsible driver.


If you’re concerned about the safety of your vehicle and want to get your jeep inspected and serviced, visit or call the service team at Precision Jeep in Morris County today.


While every car will have differing needs during a tune-up based on make, mileage and condition, below  is a basic checklist for the main things you will want to get serviced for every car on a regular basis.


Your Servicing Checklist:

Engine oil—Your basic oil change is essential and next to gassing up your car, probably your most regular servicing need. The oil in your engine keeps all the moving metal parts of the engine well lubricated so they move smoothly as they rub against each other. It prevents friction and overheating.  Engine oil needs to be replaced regularly because over time, dust and other contaminants mix with the engine oil and it becomes less effective at decreasing friction as a result—which will ultimately lead to corrosion in the engine.

Oil filter—The oil filter prevents contaminants from getting into the oil. It is standard to replace it in order to keep it working effectively and prevent damage to the engine.

Air filter—The air filter prevents debris and contaminants from entering your engine.

Fuel filter—The fuel filter prevents debris from entering the fuel.

Cabin filter—The cabin filter prevents contaminants such as dust, pollen, etc from entering your personal breathing space in the car cabin via the AC and heat vents.

Spark plugs—Most vehicles have spark plugs which are essential for starting the engine and keeping it firing. They usually need to be replaced about every 30,000 miles.

Brake pads—During a routine servicing, your mechanic will inspect the break pads and break discs/drums.  If they are worn down he/she will recommend that you replace them. Breaks are arguably the most important safety feature on a car and should not be neglected. If your mechanic says they need replacing, you probably want to comply.

Brake fluid—Break fluid is a part of the breaks. Without it, the breaks simply don’t work. Over time, water will enter the brake fluid and cause it to go “bad.” It’s therefore important to change the brake fluid—usually about every other year, though your manual and/or mechanic can give you more specific advice. 

Transmission Fluid—Usually you’ll want to flush your transmission fluid either every 30,000 miles or every 2 years to prevent oxidization and buildup to form around the various parts.

Emergency brake—Ask your mechanic to tighten your emergency brake so you can park your car securely.

Tires—Next to your breaks, the tires are probably the most important safety feature on your car. They also tend to experience the most wear and tear since they are in direct use on the road all the time. Your mechanic will check that your tires are not too worn down and beat up. You want them to be in good driving condition and will need to change them every few years, depending on their quality and how much you drive. It is also a good idea to have your tires rotated to keep them wearing evenly. At Precision Jeep in Morris County we also have a tire center where we are happy to help you get a new set of tires.

Wheel alignment—Normal driving eventually leads to the wheel alignment getting out of whack. Realigning them will make driving much smoother and prevent wear on other parts of the car.

Battery check—Batteries, like everything else, go bad eventually. In a gasoline powered car, your battery is responsible primarily for starting the car—it provides the initiatory spark that begins the engine, after which the alternator takes over for the electrical system. It’s a small job, but it’s an essential one. Ask your mechanic to check it out during your next servicing.  

Inspection—In addition to the above, your mechanic will also check any other fluids (power steering fluid, clutch fluids, coolant, etc ) to see if they need to be changed. They’ll  also check out the basic mechanical processes and parts in your vehicle to make sure that everything is still in good working order. If anything is found to be worn down or broken, they will recommend you change them out.

Maintenance Schedule

It can be difficult to remember your maintenance schedule which is why we at Precision Jeep created one for you. Check it out here:

You can also take a look at your driver’s manual. It should provide you with a guide for your specific vehicle based on mileage and age. Check in with your manual often—and if you’re unsure, call our shop where we are happy to help.

If you want to service your Jeep in Morris County, make an appointment with Precision Jeep today. And be sure to check out the monthly service specials on our website—we always have new incentives to inspire you to take care of your car!

And don’t forget when you’re scheduling your car servicing appointment to be sure to take into consideration that you’ll be without a car for the day. With that in mind, ask us about our shuttle service and rental vehicles—services provided for your convenience so you retain freedom of movement while your beloved car is in the shop! 


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